When you make an enquiry you are deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions as shown on this website.


The designated check in time is 2:00pm, with a check out time of 11:00am, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon by PAYANA. Any early arrivals or late departure times are subject to the availability of the property, and could impose extra fees.


Only the specified number of persons listed in the Rental Agreement at the time of booking may reside on the premises. The number of registered guests given at the time of the booking is the maximum number of persons allowed.
If a representative of PAYANA will find out that an additional number of guests are staying at the property, it is the absolute discretion of PAYANA team to ask the extra person or persons to vacate the premises.
The maximum number of guests is set to 8 people.


During peak seasons, the minimum stay requirement may vary. However, the default minimum stay is 1 night.


PAYANA may or may not allow weddings on the premise. If you take it upon yourself to host additional visitors while staying at the property, you will be held responsible for any additional costs associated with cleaning, if necessary.


A minimum deposit of 30% will be required for any booking at PAYANA. Payment is due in full before your expected check-in. No contract will exist between the guest and PAYANA until receipt of funds. If funds are not received within 3 banking days the reservation shall be deemed to have been cancelled and PAYANA reserves the right to allocate the property to another client.


If it becomes necessary to cancel all or any part of the booking, PAYANA must be notified in writing (email acceptable). The cancellation will take effect from the day the written confirmation is received. The following cancellation charges will be applicable depending on when the notification of the cancellation is received in writing and the period of stay in the property.

All cancellations made by the tenants are subject to penalties below:

A) If the tenant cancels the reservation 15 days or more prior to arrival date, a penalty of 30% will be held.

B) If the tenant cancels the reservation 5 days or more prior to arrival date, a penalty of 50% will be due.

C) If the tenant cancels the reservation within 2 days or less prior to arrival date, a penalty of 1000% will be due.

The above cancellation charges also apply if the owner cancels the booking due to non-payment of the balance.


Any changes made to the reservation dates after confirmation are considered to be a breach of agreement and is considered to be a forfeit of the rental agreement. Any down payment and other payments are subject to the cancellation conditions stated in these terms and conditions.


Guests are required to have both liability and comprehensive travel insurance that provides coverage including, but not limited to, cancellation, loss and damage to baggage and other property, and flight delays. Guests should also carry health coverage that includes, but is not limited to evacuation and repatriation. PAYANA is not responsible to you and your party for any and all claims including any accidents related to the use of the property facilities or locally procured third party services such as, watercraft, water sports, jeep or motorbike rental etc


In the event of such incidents as fires, floods, civil disturbances, severe weather, civil disturbances affecting the destination, Acts of God, and any other type of delay, inconvenience, or expenses caused directly or indirectly by events outside of the owner’s control, PAYANA will not be held responsible.


Any problems or complaints that occur during the rental period should first be discussed with the local staff. If the staff is unable to quickly resolve the issue, please call the PAYANA Manager, who will rectify the situation to the best of their professional ability. The owner is not responsible for such issues as interruptions to water supply, electricity, Internet connection. PAYANA will do everything within reasonable expectation to avoid complaints in the first place, and it is understood that when staying in a less developed remote resort location, that infrastructure, local standards, and conditions are typically less developed than in urban environments. Any complaints should be written and given to PAYANA within 24 hours of the time the issue occurred.


When renting PAYANA, the owner maintains responsibility for the appropriate behavior of the guests. If any guest behaves in an inappropriate manner, the owner or their representative, at their absolute discretion, may ask the offending party to leave the premises. In this case, no refund may be claimed by the guest. In addition, the owner of the property or representatives of the owner reserve the right to enter the premises at a reasonable time in order to gain access to complete repairs, perform maintenance, or to show the property to prospective tenant.


Bringing any illegal substances into the property is prohibited, along with the use or consumption of any illegal substances. Unlawful behavior is also prohibited. The Police will be immediately contacted if there is any violation. For the safety of our guests and local employees, as well as for protection of property, guests may not bring outside guests back to PAYANA property.


There is a ‘No Pet Policy” inside the property and on surrounding property.


There is no smoking permitted in the property. Smoking must be done outside on the terrace, where an ash tray can be provided by the staff.


Noise levels must be kept at a reasonable minimum, especially during the hours of 10pm and 7am while guests are sleeping.




Linens and towels are provided by PAYANA. Linens are changed every third day, more often if necessary. Towels are replaced after placement in the towel basket. Additional charges may apply if more frequent changes are needed.


FREE and secured parking at the property.


Utility costs are included with the rent. Windows must be closed while air-conditioning is in use. PAYANA abides with an eco-friendly policy. Therefore, we request that all air-conditioning must be switch off when you need to go out or stay long outside of the property, house staff may comply with this policy.


Interior furnishings must remain inside the property, and only designated outdoor furniture can be used on the exterior.


The tenant must not do, or allow anything to be done that may cause the property’s insurance against loss or damage by fire to become void or cause insurance premiums to be raised.


It is understood that the tenant is responsible and liable for the safety and well being of guests and third parties while staying at PAYANA. Both the tenant and guests are required to take due care during their stay and take precautions such as supervision of children in the gardens and near the entrance. All children must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. Damages or injuries resulting from the above mentioned scenarios are the responsibility of the tenant. The tenant indemnifies and holds the owner harmless and free of liability resulting from such claims that result as consequences of accidents leading to injury or loss of life.


Valuable items such as passports, cell phones, cameras, traveler checks, cash or jewelry should be stored in a safety deposit box provided in the villa. Neither the Lessor nor the staff is responsible for any valuables left behind, lost, or damaged.


Guests must be aware that PAYANA contains precious contemporary pieces of art unique to that property, and must take care to avoid causing any damage to them. Any artwork damaged during the rental period will be the responsibility of the tenant and the costs set off against the aforementioned security deposit. If damages exceed the security deposit, the tenant is liable for the remaining damages and must compensate the owner the difference in cost.


Any contract that is made will be with the acceptance by both parties of these terms and conditions, which are governed by the local law of the property rented and both parties will submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the local courts of the property rented.